Rules for Visitors

1. Visits are held every weekday from 14:30 to 15:30 and weekends from 13:00 to 16:00.
2. Up to 4 visitors per room are allowed. Care should be taken to ensure that visits do not exceed 15 minutes.
3. There are no fixed days for visits (Intensive Care, Newborn, Infection, Transplantation, etc.), but visits may be made within the permission of the relevant physician.
4. The patient's doctor visits the patient's doctor if he / she wants to know about the condition of the patient and if he / she does not have a doctor on the weekends, he can contact the doctor on duty.
5. In cases where it may be objectionable, the visit is subject to the permission of the doctor.
6. No flowers are allowed in the guest rooms.
7. Once the practice is in place, staying in the rooms is prohibited.
8. Patients who receive intensive care after the procedure can not stay in the room even if their rooms are empty.
9. At times 1 outside of the visiting hours, visits may be made to the relatives of the relatives for permission to visit the hospital.
10. If there is no inconvenience after medical examination, there may be 2 complaints. This is confirmed by talking to the patient's doctor.
It is forbidden to bring children under 11.8 (eight) years old.
12. Poor, patient visits in the presence of infectious diseases such as colds should be avoided.
13. It is recommended to wash the hands before and after the visit.
14. It is forbidden to sit in the patient's beds and touch the patient's devices.