Patient Obligations

1. General Responsibilities

1.1. People should do their best to pay attention to their health and follow the recommendations given for a healthy life.

1.2. The person can give blood if it is convenient or organ donation can be found.

1.3. In simple situations, people should do their own care.

2. Social Security Status

In 2.1.Has; health, social security and personal information in a timely manner.

In 2.2.Has; health carnesin (Bag-Kur, Green Card, etc.).

3. Informing Healthcare Workers

Patient; complaints, complaints of previous illnesses, whether or not they have received any treatment in hospital, if any, the medicines they are currently using, and all health information.

4. Adhering to Hospital Rules

4.1. Patient; it must comply with the rules and practices of the health institution to which it refers.

4.1.Hospital must comply with the referral chain established by the Ministry of Health and other social security institutions.

When 4.2.Hast; treatment, care and rehabilitation are expected to be in cooperation with health workers.

In 4.3.Has; if he / she is using an appointment-based health facility, he / she must obey the date and time of the appointment and report the changes to the relevant place.
4.4. Patient; hospital personnel, other patients, and the right to visit.

5. Adapting to Treatment Recommendations

In 5.1.Has; medications and advice should be carefully listened to and where they can not understand.

When 5.2.Hast; he should report this to the health worker if he / she can not comply with the proposal for treatment.

5.3.Partner should indicate whether he understands health care and post-discharge care plan as expected.

In 5.4.Has; he or she is responsible for the consequences of refusing the treatment to be applied or failing to comply with the recommendation.

6. Infectious Disease

Patients and their relatives are obliged to act sensitively to all the measures recommended to them in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

7. Payment Responsibility

Patients are responsible for the costs of examination and treatment (if any). In addition, the patient and his / her relatives are liable to pay damages in case of intentional damage to fixtures and consumables.