Nutrition and Diet

Our Dietitian:


Şadiye ÖNEL

Nutrition and Diet Unit:

Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital;
Establishment of a proper nutrition plan and dietary training during discharge to those required by the clinical physician,
Clinical nutritional needs include providing the necessary enteral or parenteral nutritional support,
Regulation and supervision of catering services,
In-service trainings for catering staff,
Providing internal and external training to patients and their relatives,

Polyclinic services are provided for patients who apply for remote therapy.

Every day between 8: 30-16: 30 Validebağ Additional Service In our polyclinic on board;
Nutrition in Kidney Diseases
Nutrition in Liver Diseases
Obesity Weight Control (Weight Control Program)
Nutrition in weight gain problems
Nutrition in Pregnancy
Diet care such as child and adolescent nutrition is provided by our unit in cases where it is necessary.