Six (six) psychologists work in our department in the psychiatry department. The illness, directed by our expert psychologists trained in the relevant area, is directed through the adult psychiatric outpatient clinic; individual therapy, family therapy and sexual therapy. In our psychiatric clinic, where our patients are hospitalized; individual interviews, day-to-day meetings and group therapies. In addition, personality and intelligence tests or developmental screening tests are applied, if necessary, within the context of psychometric evaluations, which are guided both by the health board and by the polyclinic of adult and child psychiatry.

Our Psychologist:

Exp. Psychologist. Ayten ŞEN

Exp. Psychologist. Fatih BİLAL

Exp. Psychologist. Kıvılcım UÇAR ALINMIŞ

Exp. Psychologist. Ezgi ACAR ŞİRİN

Exp. Psychologist. Özgül ERDOĞMUŞ