Eye Diseases

Our Eye Clinic has been serving in the field of medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases since 1936. Since 2010, Sadık Eratik Eye Clinics is continuing its service in the new building. Our clinic has an average of 500 outpatient clinics per day, 250 side branch outpatient clinics, 20000 operations per year, 7 operating theaters, a wide range of devices and technical equipment, with a very modern and comfortable environment for employees, It is a clinic and serves a separate building from the center. It is among the major eye clinic in Turkey. It also provides side branch services consisting of clinics and emergency outpatient services, as well as eye disease specific units, with experienced staff consisting of physicians, nurses and assistant personnel. The side branch services of our hospital consists of cornea, retina, glaucoma, strabismus, oculoplasty, uvea diseases, and refractive surgery units.

YAG and Argon laser devices used for advanced examinations of diseases such as eye angiography (FFA), eye tomography (OCT), visual field, corneal thickness meter (pachymetry), specular microscopy, topography, biometry and eye ultrasound in our clinic. Ophthalmic surgeons such as ocular surgeons including cataracts, glaucoma surgery, vitrectomy, and corneal transplantation (keratoplasty) as well as strabismus and oculoplastic surgery including ocular system, orbital, and socket (prosthetic) surgeries are also performed in our clinic. Our surgeries are performed under general or local anesthesia in adult and pediatric patients.

One of the three eye banks active in Istanbul is in our clinic. With corneal transplantation performed by the cornea unit, different parts of the affected cornea are surgically treated using different techniques.

One of the refractive surgery centers (excimer laser) located in a limited number of universities and Training and Research Hospital in our country is in our clinic. Patient fracture defects (myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism) are resolved by laser surgery and patients are getting rid of their glasses.

One of the prosthetic laboratories located at only two Training and Research Hospital in Istanbul is in our clinic. Patients have a better appearance by preparing a pelvis-like prosthesis, which is taken for various reasons or when the eye has lost its function and has a bad appearance.

In our clinic where specialist training is provided, assistants are trained in intensive study and encouraged to participate in scientific research. Scientific studies done by the clinic are published in national and international journals, scientific reports are presented at domestic and international meetings and all scientific developments are closely monitored.

Our specialists:

Associate Professor. H. Elvin Yıldız Education Responsible, Cornea and refractive surgery

Associate Professor. Ece T. Vural Administrative responsible, Eye Bank Manager, Principal, Cornea and refractive surgery

Associate Professor. N. Melda Yenerel Retina

Associate Professor. Özgür Artunay Retina

Associate Professor. Suleyman Kuğu Retina

Op Zeynep Acar Başasistan, Strabismus

Op N. Yeşim Erçalık Başasistan, Retina

Op Serhat İmamoğlu Başasistan, Glaucoma

Kiss. Dr. Şehnaz Özçalışkan Başasistan, Retina

Op Sibel Aymak Cornea and refractive surgery

Op Okşan Alpoğan Glaucome

Op Ayşegül Ersanlı Oculoplasty

Op Özlem A. Öncü Retina

Op Esra T. Kumral Retina

Op Handan Bardak Retina

Op Bahtınur Buttanrı Oculoplasty

Kiss. Dr. Yusuf A. Yılmaz Corneal and refractive surgery

Op Uğur Y. Mumcu Strabismus

Op Nadir Kochkarov Cornea and refractive surgery

Kiss. Dr. Sevcan Balcı Retina, Uvea

Kiss. Dr. N. Burcu Çelik Gokom

Kiss. Dr. Yucel Ozturk Retina

Kiss. Dr. Alev Ö. Köse

Kiss. Dr. Yakup Temel Yeldeğirmeni Neighborhood Policlinic

Our Assistant Physicians:

Dr. Mehriban Alizade

Dr. Nejla Tükenmez

Dr. Gizem Yel

Dr. Emre Özbey

Dr. Burak Erdem

Dr. Serhat Ermiş

Dr. Gökhan Arslan

Dr. Beyza Cetin

Dr. Melike Gezer

Dr. Buse Güneri

Dr. Nazife Aşıkgarip

Dr. Evelyne Girukwigomba

Dr. Mehmet Kay