Medical Genetic Diseases

Haydarpaşa Numune E.A.H. Medical Genetics Department serves in the Medical Building. Our Medical Genetics Specialist evaluates and examines the patients; pedigree and family characteristics are examined and all investigations for diagnosis are requested.
Medical Genetic Diseases Specialist
Exp. Dr. Contact Sevgi directly
Our center can be guided by any clinical branch, you can get an outpatient appointment from our specialist doctor from ALO 182 or MHRS system on the internet.
Contact: 0 216 542 32 32/0216 542 32 00
Secretariat: 3070

• If you have a disease of genetic origin, or if you have such a disease in a relative
• Those who have a history of cancer in themselves or in a family history at an early age (<40 years), who develop unrelated cancer in more than one tissue
• A history of breast cancer or uterine cancer in more than one person in family history
• Congenital anomalies (ambiguous gender, cleft palate - lip, missing-over finger, hole in the heart, structural defect in the brain, undescended testis, horseshoe kidney, coffee stains on the skin sal)
• those with abnormal appearance on the face, hand or any part of the body
• Mothers aged 35 and over
• Pregnant women who are at high risk of screening tests during pregnancy
• Pregnant women with significant abnormality in ultrasound
• Couples who have not been pregnant for one year despite the child's desire
• Gentlemen with low sperm numbers
• Couples with two or more miscarriages
• Couples who have lost two or more children due to congenital anomalies
• Menopausal who were cut from early
• Those who are not menstruated or cannot enter adolescence despite the appropriate age
• Those who have a history of coagulation in their blood vessels or who have a history of clotting in their vessels or who have to use estrogen medication after menstruation, contraceptive or menopause
• Those who have had a stroke or heart attack at an early age, or who had first-degree close relatives
• Patients with deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism (clot formation and vein occlusion)
• Patients who use blood thinners (warfarin - coumadin) and control their blood levels (INR)
• recurrent unexplained fever, abdominal, joint, chest pain (familial Mediterranean fever - FMF)
• Patients with recurrent respiratory diseases (sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia), children with malabsorption with growth retardation (cystic fibrosis)
• Patients with diagnosed genetic diseases such as Amyloidosis, Wilson, Hemacromatosis, Marfan syndrome
• Patients with recurrent mouth or pain in the genital area, with uveitis in their eyes (Behçet's disease)
• Those with sacroiliitis in the hip joints, those with painful stiffness on the waist in the morning,