Nutrition Support Unit

        Scientific conclusions about increasing the effectiveness of health services and increasing adequate nutritional practices, reducing preventable diseases, disabilities and early deaths, and providing adequate and balanced nutritional support for optimal body function maintenance have been increasingly being introduced and accepted in recent years. In order to provide nutritional support services for our patients in this regard, we established the Nutrition Support Unit on October 2010 in accordance with the General Regulation on the Safe Practice Guide for Total Parenteral Nutrition No. 24718 dated 17.06.2010 by the Ministry of Health Treatment Services General Directorate.

        The purpose of the Nutritional Support Unit is to evaluate nutritionally all patients who are hospitalized, to provide nutritional support treatments for patients who do not have the nutritional needs of natural or acquired nutritional needs, to provide proper use of enteral and parenteral nutritional products for their purposes and to provide education for the elimination of application errors.

        Our unit implements the Nutrition Risk Scanning (NRS 2002 form) for every patient who falls outside of the day-to-day hospitalizations. It assesses malnutrition of patients. Our unit also evaluates the patient with the request of consultation of the physician and forms a treatment plan. Until the patient is discharged or the indication for nutritional support is followed from unit to unit. All new inpatient and pre-hospitalized patients are evaluated on a visit and the treatment plan is changed if necessary. Our unit is also involved in the planning and procurement of enteral and parenteral products according to rational drug regulation. All healthcare personnel in the clinics are trained on the application of enteral and parenteral nutrition during certain periods. We also represent our hospital in national and international meetings on nutrition and present our scientific studies. Hospital administrators, branch specialists, pharmacists, dietitians and nurses work in the nutrition support committee which constitutes the nutritional support unit team which has been operating for five years in our hospital.

NUTRITION SUPPORT COMMISSION: Evaluating the work done by gathering at certain intervals, making new work plans as necessary and providing support according to the task areas.

DIAGNOSTICS: Consultation services provide training for inpatients and their relatives about nutrition.

NUTRITIONAL NURSES: Malnutrition is the task of patients who have been diagnosed with malnutrition, recording of the data, following the use of nutritional products, and informing the patients and their relatives.

 Chair: Assoc. Dr. Osman Ekinci

Deputy Chief Physician: Asst. Dr.Serkan Efe Boz
Health Care Service. Md: Emine Aynacı

The patient is Hiz. Assist. : Özgül Eken
Internal Hast: Assoc. Dr. Funda M. Turkmen

G.Curgery: Assoc. Tolga Müftüoğlu
B. Surgery: Op.Dr.Hakan Somay

Anest. and Rean: Specialist. Asu Özgültekin
Child Hast: Assoc. Çağatay Nuhoğlu

Neurology: Assoc. Dr. Cemile Handan Egyptian

Palliative Care Center: Asst. Dr.Hilal Özkaya
Gastroentrology: Assoc.Prof.Fatih Guzelbulut

Beginner: Tulip Kuşcu
Dietician: Dr. Dyt.Gülin Öztürk Özkan
Dietitian: Şadiye Önel
Nurse: Zahide Keles
Nurse: Aphrodisiac