Pediatric Nephrology

We have been accepting patients since January 2015 as a pediatric nephrology unit. Our Polyclinic Children's Clinic is on the ground floor. In-patient treatment is provided.

Working Principles and Objectives:

Our unit, which accepts applications according to the appointment system, is our prin- cipal principal in our work by informing our children about the illness and the follow-up plan without waiting on time, Our children are willing to play with our unit, playing healthy, trying to be adults, monitoring of current scientific information, scientific studies and researches, individual assistant education, vocational training and development of our competencies are our aims.

Education and Research Applications:

The "General Pediatric Assistants", which come with three-month rotations through volunteerism as a unit, participates in clinical applications personally and can receive interactive training with Specialist Dr. Clinical research and studies are carried out. Joint meetings for child urology and pediatric surgeon and screening of surgical patients and vocational training are held periodically.

Practices in our Unit:

In our unit, diagnosis, treatment and applications related to Pediatric Kidney Diseases can be done. Examples are given below.
- Nephrotic syndrome and glomerular diseases
- Urinary tract infections
-Vasculitis syndromes
Hemorrhage and proteinuria-related diseases
- Familial kidney diseases
- Urinary tract stone diseases
- diseases associated with urinary incontinence
-Acute kidney damage and Chronic Kidney Diseases
diagnostic treatment and follow-up;
Ultrasonographic evaluation of urinary system
- "Blood Pressure Moniterization" applications
Hemodialysis and abdominal dialysis
-Low continuous blood dialysis applications
-Plazmaferez applications
-Ultrasound Conjunctive Kidney Biopsy Applications
-Installation of Central Dialysis Catheter under ultrasound guidance
- Kidney transplant preparation and follow-up

applications are being made.

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Dr. Mustafa Behçet ŞİMŞEK

Pediatric Nephrology Specialist