Blood Center

Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital Blood Center has been in the status of Transfusion Center since 2015 and since then it supplies blood needs from the Northern Red Sea Blood Center of the Turkish Red Crescent. The blood center of your hospital was established in 1947, in the historic chief physician's office, at the place where the registry procedures are now conducted. First responsible physician Dr. Muzaffer Aksoy. In 1963, he moved to the current clinic of children's clinic, and from 1971 to 2008 he served as a branch of the pathology laboratory. Since 2008, has been moved to the newly constructed outpatient clinic.

Blood collection and component separation applications continue at our center when the blood supply is not met by the Red Blood Regional Blood Center. 18,000 units of blood products are used annually for all other units, especially in internal medicine and surgery clinics. 13000 units of these products are erythrocyte suspension.

The donorage field which was started to be done in 1999 in our blood center, has been maintained till day and successful results have been obtained. The use and indications of the components were made into habit with the trainings made in our hospital and the usage rate of erythrocyte suspension reached to 100%.

Our blood center is also one of the three blood centers in Istanbul, which provides certification training under the "Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine Education Certificate Program" organized by the Ministry of Health.


     * Whole blood collection and separation into components (erythrocyte, fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate - when the Regional Blood Center does not meet)

     * Obtaining thrombocytes by apheresis method

     * Obtaining erythrocyte by apheresis method

     * Erythrocyte washing


    * Blood grouping

    * Rhsubgrup assignment

    * Antibody screening

    * Antibody identification

    * Antibody titration

    * Crossmatch (cross comparison)

    * Direct coombs

    * Cold agglutination

    * Microbiological screening tests (HBsAg, AntiHCV, AntiHIV, Syphilis)

    * Hemogram (pre-donation)

Our blood center is started with internal controls to study the tests, and our blood center belongs to the NEQAS external quality control program.

Our Blood Center provides 24 hours of continuous service and the transfusion service lasts 24 hours and the donation process is only done during working hours.

All services in the blood center are carried out by 1 doctor in charge of blood center, 2 biologists, 5 laboratory technicians, 1 nurse and 2 secretaries.