Brain and Nerve Surgery

Open Our clinic is considered the founder of neurosurgery in Turkey in 1949. Dr. Hami Dilek was established as the first clinic to specialize in this field. Since this date, it continues to serve as a clinic where current and modern treatment methods of Brain and Neurosurgery are applied and at the same time specialized training is given.

In our clinic, policlinic services are provided by our specialists in our polyclinics in the main hospital building within working hours every weekdays and in our polyclinics in Validebağ Additional Service Building. A daily average of 200, an average of 45,000 patients are provided to the outpatient clinic.

Our service is provided with a total of 26 bed capacities including 6 single rooms, 8 double rooms and 4 bed primary care intensive care rooms.
There are approximately 1,200 operations per year, including 2 elective operating theaters each day and 24 hours in the emergency operating room.

A total of 7 neurosurgeon specialists and 9 assistant doctors are working in our clinic, including the administrative and education officer. We also provide services in our 4 clinic assistant staff, 3 clinic assistant staff, 3 operating theater assistant staff including 8 clinical nurses, operating room nurses, including service nurses.
In our clinic with experienced staff, all kinds of operations in the main branches of brain, spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerve in childhood and adult age groups can be successfully performed in emergency and elective conditions in the presence of sufficient equipment and technical equipment.

The operations performed in our clinic;

Surgical treatment of traumatic brain hemorrhage and skull fractures,

Surgical treatment of cerebral hemorrhage due to cerebral vascular pathologies,

Decompression surgeries to relieve edema caused by cerebral vascular occlusion,

Microsurgical treatment of brain tumors,

Endoscopic surgery of pituitary gland tumors,

Hydrocephalus (congestion in the brain) arising from congenital or acquired conditions,

Congenital spine and spinal cord anomalies,

Microsurgical treatment of spine and spinal cord tumors,

Microsurgery of the waist and neck,

The surgery of the spine narrowing and / or kayman due to the trauma or aging process (the strengthening of the spinal column with foreign materials such as screws)

Baclofen pump application for the treatment of spasticity with congenital or traumatic causes,

Stereotactic brain biopsy surgeries to diagnose brain pathologies in deep and at risk areas,

Brain pillar applications for Parkinson's patients,

Pain pain and spinal injection applications for pain patients,

Surgical treatment of nerve entrapment.

Administrative and Training Responsible:

Prof. dr. Arif Tarkan WORKSHOP
Specialist Doctors:

Assoc. Dr. Selin Tural Emon

Kiss. Dr. Aydın Isilmez

Kiss. Dr. Ezgi Akar

Kiss. Dr. Cem Akkurt

Op. Necat Biber

Kiss. Dr. Mustafa Efendioğlu

Assistant Doctors:

Dr. Duygu Ceman

Dr. Mehmet Emin Bektaş

Dr. Nahid Rustamov

Dr. Mazhar Mammadov

Dr. Omer Faruk Sahin

Dr. Abdullah Yolcu

Dr. Fatih Toprak

Dr. Uğur Ozan Öztaş

Dr. Hasan Ferhat Kurs