In 2001, the Clinical Chief Dr. Mecit ÇALIŞKAN was founded.

22 (twenty-two) inpatient services and 150 to 200 patients per day with a polyclinic can be found on the Central Campus and Validebağ Additional Service Facility.

Education and research unit. Specialist training is given. There are currently 3 Educational Staff, 6 (six) specialists, 7 (assistant), 5 (five) psychologists.

Schizophrenia, Emotional Status, Anxiety Disorders, Second Step Distance Therapy, Child Psychiatry.

 2 in the service department of Validebağ, 7 clinics operating in our clinic, health board service and consultation service to other departments in the hospital.

Our clinic where all the contemporary treatment methods applied to psychiatry are applied;

Anesthesia ECT

Family Therapy (Validebağ additional service unit)

Group Therapy,

Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

EMDR therapy

Sexual Therapies

Metacognitive Psychotherapy

Occupation and Behavior Therapy is applied.

Clinical Responsibility:

Administrative and Training Officer: Exp. Dr. Mecit ÇALIŞKAN

Educational Staff:

Professor Dr. Servet Ebrinç

Assoc. Dr. Serap Erdoğan Taycan (Deputy)

Assoc. Dr. Melike Nebioğlu (Deputy)

Senior research fellows:

Exp. Dr. Meliha Zengin Eroğlu

Our Clinic Experts;

Exp. Dr. Gonca Kartal Erkıran

Exp. Dr. Sencan Sertçelik

Exp. Dr. Neslihan Mızrak

Exp. Dr. Anıl Düzgün

Exp. Dr. Hatice Güncükurt

Exp. Hatice Gönül

Child Psychiatry Specialist

Exp. Dr. Gözde Luş

Our clinic's assistants;

Dr. Fatma Dogan

Dr. Seda Kiraz

Dr. Özlem Avcı

Dr. Kevser Altıntaş

Dr. Nurbanu Ergün

Dr. Fatma Gözde Avcı

Dr. Aysu Yakın

Our Clinic Psychologists;

Psychologist. Ayten Şen

Psychologist. Eren Trabzon

Psychologist. Ezgi Acar

Psychologist. Fatih Bilal

Psychologist. Kıvılcım Alınmış

Our Clinic Responsible Nurse

HMS. Şeyda Özdemir

Our clinic has a general education on Thursdays between 09: 00-12: 00, and Supervision training is held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 16: 30-17: 30.