Completely renovated in 2016, Emergency Medicine Clinic has been serving for 11 years now in our Emergency Service Building, which was organized by the Vehbi Koç Foundation. In Turkey, on the spatial and staff in all hospitals with emergency departments it is one of the best organized. It is considered one of the most respected clinics in the field of our country. This clinic, which is open 24 hours a day, is also an educational and research center.

At present there are 2 doctors, 2 assistant professors, 1 master, 12 specialists and 27 assistants in the clinic. The practitioner does not work in our emergency department. There are 49 nurses working at the same time. The architectural design prepared according to the relevant regulation in the field of emergency service area is designed with a comparative distribution by examining the clinics around the world.
1. There is a triage area that distributes the examinations according to the area when the patient first applies.
2. Red field: At the same time, there are conditions that can be monitored by 24 patients at the same time. Four patients can be followed by mechanical ventilator when needed, and the emergency can be done in the red area by ultrasonography. There is also a special lead-free area of ressusation.

3. Zone of isolation: It is designed to monitor 8 patients at the same time. Room with negative pressure glass walls.
4th field: The outpatient clinic which can follow 6 patients at the same time. Small interventions in the yellow area Our physicians perform appropriate and rapid minor interventions in the most appropriate sterile conditions in our room.
5. Green area: Our outpatient clinic is aiming to give good quality health care services to patients from a remote place.
6. KBRN: We are the area designed for professional decontamination of chemical decontamination in the case of biological, biological, radioactive and nuclear waste.
7.Ortopedia is available in the emergency department. There is a private intervention room.
8. Patient waiting areas.
9. There is a 30-bed monitörrize observation area under emergency medical clinic administration of 9th emergency service.

It is possible to carry out all laboratory and radiological examinations 24 hours in Emergency Medicine Clinic. Operating room and intensive care conditions are provided 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to intervene in the emergency departments of emergency departments. Our clinic, which provides services according to international diagnostic and treatment guidelines, has all kinds of education and information materials. . Anatolian side is far away from the crowd, providing an opportunity to get quality service with care is an emergency.

Administrative and Training Officer:
Exp. Dr. Abdullah İBRAHİM (First and Emergency Relief Specialist)

Educational Staff:
Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Özgür ERDOĞAN (First and Emergency Relief Specialist)
Assoc.Dr.Şahin ÇOLAK (First and Emergency Assistance Specialist)
Yard.Doç.Mustafa Ahmet AFACAN (First and Emergency Assistance Expert)
Yard.Doç.İsmail TAYFUR (First and Emergency Assistance Expert)

Head assistants:

Spc Mehmet AYRANCI

Specialist Doctors:

Exp. Dr. Mehmet KOŞARGELİR
  Exp. Dr. Harun AYHAN
  Exp. Dr. Nazmiye KOYUNCU
  Exp. Dr. Rahime ŞAHİN TURAN
  Exp. Dr. Filiz HASASU OKTAY
  Exp. Dr. Turgut TOPAL
  Exp. Dr. Özgür BEKAR