Sleep Laboratory

Approximately one-third of human life passes through sleep. Studies show the importance of a healthy sleep and the relationship between disorders with many diseases. Obesity disorders are an important health problem affecting the quality of life.
There are about 85 kinds of diseases related to sleep disorders. Among these, sleep apnea syndrome is the most common. In these individuals, respiratory arrest and / or superficialization occurs for at least 10 seconds.
In general, the main symptoms of sleep disorders; snoring, witnessed respiratory arrest, excessive daytime sleepiness, fatigue, attention deficit, tension, irritability and forgetfulness. It is also one of the important reasons for traffic, home and work accidents.
If you have a sleep disturbance and / or after a doctor's examination at the external center, your physician has thought about sleep disturbance and directed to a sleep center, our qualified patients are evaluated in our specialized sleep branch clinic.
Our appointments are taken by the Alo-182 Central Hospital Appointment System or via the internet (

In order to diagnose many sleep-related diseases, the test is called a polysomnography (PSG) and is known as a sleep test amongst the public.
Our center, opened in 2015, is a center with 19 bed capacity with single rooms that provide diagnosis and treatment for all sleep disorders. diagnosis and treatment facilities. In our center, social security institutions, as well as paid patients can benefit from.

Sleep Tests in Our Center;


- Polysomnography and EEG

-PAP Titration

- Multiple sleep delay test (MSLT).

  • •Snore

    • Stop breathing in sleep

    • Not falling asleep

    • Failure to sleep

    • Periodic leg motion during sleep

    • Nightmares

    • Excessive Sleepiness


    • Sleep walking problem (sleepwalking)

    • Eating behavior during sleep

    • Behavior Disorder in Dream. complaints can apply to our center.

Sleep Disorders Diagnosis and Treatment Centers
-Doç.Dr.Füsun Mayda DOMAÇ
-Uzm.Dr.Sacit İÇTEN

Responsible Dentist in the Sleep Center

Our Doctors
-Uzm.Dr. Özgür DEMİR

-Uzm.Dr. Reyhan GÜRER

-Uzm.Dr.Sevda Yıldız GÖKÇEER
Our Responsible Nurses
Our technicians
-Yasin ORAN


-Osman UZUN

-Muran TURAN

-Sema AKAY

-Hüseyin KÖS


-Ferhat GÖRDÜ






-Saadet Mevsim GENÇ


-Ayşe Nur ÇOLAK

-Ayşe SERT

-Özge Nur ERBAŞ

Our secretary,
-Canan GÜNAY

-Gülüşan ÜNAY

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