Gynecology and Obstetrics

Our clinic also carries out bedside treatment services in the main building, medical services in Validebağ Additional Service Building and Yeldeğirmeni Neighborhood Police.

Our inpatient departments have a total of 26 beds and we have 5 single rooms. We have two travay beds, a delivery unit and two operating rooms. We are serving 7/24 with our Emergency Polyclinic and Delivery Center at the entrance of the clinic. In our practice, we use end system technological products in our outpatient clinics and perform diagnosis and treatment procedures.

Every Friday at 13.00 the Surgical Council is being evaluated where all the patients scheduled for surgery are evaluated. Theoretical trainings are held every Friday from 8 to 9 hrs, seminar hours from 14 to 17 hrs, and case discussions.

Our Clinical Staff:

Clinical Education Responsible:

Prof.Dr.Nurettin Aka

Clinical Administrative Officer:

Kiss. Dr. Ayşe Deniz ERTÜRK COŞKUN

Education person :

Assoc. Prof. Fisun VURAL

Assoc. Dr. Ertuğrul Can TÜFEKÇİ

Kiss. Dr. Gültekin KÖSE

Our Specialist Doctors:

Kiss. Dr. Ebru Sinem TORLAK

Kiss. Dr. Hacer KAVAK

Kiss. Dr. Aysun FENDAL TUNCA

Kiss. Dr. Zeynep Ece UTKAN KORUN

Kiss. Dr. Emin Erhan DÖNMEZ

Kiss. Dr. Hasan SÜT

Kiss. Dr. Hakan KEÇECİ

Op.Dr.Sevcan Arzu ARINKAN


Op Zeynep TOSUN

Research Assistants:



Dr.Eyüpcan KARDAS


Dr. Semeye TÜRK

Dr. Gülizar ÖZBİLEN

Outpatient Services:

Medical Center, Yeldeğirmeni Neighborhood Policlinic and Validebağ Additional Service Building. Our clinic; Gynecology, Menopause-Infertility, Pregnancy Policlinic, Urogynecology, Oncology and Family Planning policlinics.

Gynecology Polyclinic:

Pap smear scanning, HPV testing, transvaginal ultrasonography, scanning of genital cancers, early diagnosis and treatment.

Menopause-Infertility Policlinic:

Infertility Polyclinic; we are helping the couple who are planning to have baby ownership in diagnosis and treatment. In Menopause Polyclinic; mammography, pap smear and ultrasonographic examinations of menopausal patients are performed.

Oncology Polyclinic:

Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology looks at the gynecological complaints of patients who are treated and followed up, and patients are allowed to access services on certain days without waiting.

Urology Clinic:

 It serves one patient in a wide range of patients of all ages who have complaints of involuntary urinary incontinence.

Family planning:

Couples are given consultation services on family planning according to their needs, choosing a family planning method or giving couples who want pregnancy healthy pregnancy. The intrauterine device (spiral) is applied in our policlinic. The condo is supplied to needy owners.

Pregnancy Outpatient Clinic:

Ultrasonographic examinations of pregnancies, double test, triple test and sugar loading tests are performed. The first level fetal biometric ultrasonography is performed.

Services Provided:

-pap smear

-HPV test

-Two tests

-Three test

-Non Stress Test (NST)

-Obstetric Ultrasonography

-Doppler Ultrasonography

-Transvaginal Ultrasonography-

-HSG (intrauterine imaging)

-SIS (intrauterine aqueous ultrasonography)

- Endometrial biopsy

-Servical biopsy

the -Kolposkop

Hysteroscopic surgeons

-Laparoscopic Surgery

-Emergency, uterine and esthetic operations

-All kinds of gynecological and obstetric operations: Normal delivery, cesarean operation, ectopic pregnancy operation, connection of ducts, myom surgery, cesarean section, ovarian surgery are successfully applied.

Pregnant School:

It is aimed that every pregnant woman graduate from the Pregnant School, so that birth and pacification are adhered to. During pregnancy; follow up frequency, tests to be done, detailed information about ultrasonography are given and birth is prepared by teaching breathing exercises to our pregnants participating in pregnant school. Our hospital is a baby friendly hospital, breastfeeding trainings are starting in the pregnancy period and mother and baby support is continuing in the puerperium. You can also participate in free pregnancy school training programs.

educational subjects
1. Health,
2. Preparation for breathing (breathing techniques and exercises)
3. Immersion training and baby care,

4.Learning education and family planning methods

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