Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

17 beds, 1 service and 5 single rooms

1 dressing room

1 treatment room

In our policlinic, 1065 patients are examined on average per month and 215 operations are performed monthly in our clinic.

Among the main operations that can be performed in the clinic

Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction (simultaneous and late)

Body shaping surgeries in patients undergoing bariatric surgery

Revision of the scars in the appropriate places of the body using the expander (tissue expander)

Cleft palate and lip repair

Cystic (fingertip adhesion) correction

Oil injection applications

Tendon and nerve repairs after hand injuries

Surgical repairs after maxillofacial trauma

Follow-up and repair of open wounds after trauma

Follow-up of open wounds and surgical repair

Excision and repair of benign (malignant) and malign (malignant) skin and soft tissue tumors

Ptozis (low eyelid surgery)

Diagnostic procedures and treatment modalities required in our clinic are successfully performed with the most appropriate methods.

Administrative and Training Officer

Assoc. Dr. Nesibe Sinem Çiloğlu

Our Specialist Doctors

Kiss. Dr. Ozan Aslan

Kiss. Dr. Ayşe İrem İskenderoğlu

Kiss. Dr. Bora Edim Akalın

Our Assistant Doctors

Dr. Ahmet Kürşat Yiğit

Dr. Shahrukh Omar

Dr. Barış Çin

Dr. Erinc Evrensel

Dr. Serkan Kaya

Dr. Yunus Emre Yılmazer

Dr. Semih Yıldız

Responsible Nurse

Sibel Çelik

Clinical Nurses

Eren Incesu Öcal

Selda Çelik

Nurhayat Kurt

Fatma Çabuk

Merve Emeksiz

Zehra Çarıklı

Clinical Secretary

Dilek Onaran Yıldırım

Clinical Staff

Aşkın Altınbağ

Harun Kurtuluş

Filiz Özer

Bayram Çatal

Engin Erdoğan