Organ Transplant

In 1990, to be integrated into the Hemodialysis Unit, which has been serving in our hospital since 1980; 1. Surgical Service 2.Dahiliye - Hemodialysis service was established as a joint project.

Up to now, 600 successful renal transplantations have been performed from cadavers and living relatives.

In our unit, under the direction of Assoc. Prof.Dr.M.İzzet Titiz, one of the 2 surgeons and assistants of Associate Professor of General Surgery, Associate Professor of Urology, Nephrology and Nephrology senior assistant assistants and Transplantation Coordinators are working in our unit.

In 2005, work was started for the establishment of the Transplantation Molecular Tissue Compliance Laboratory, which has a strategic importance for renal transplantation. With the establishment of our Genetic Diagnostics Laboratory, our work has gained momentum and in 2010, our laboratory has opened a new platform for FlowCytometer.

Renal Transplantation; Plasmapheresis - Desensitization, A2 blood group donor to 0 group transplantation studies, molecular studies related to transplantation, tissue compatibility imaging, transplantation pathology and other related branches are applied in our hospital with all the spectrum.

Transplantation Clinic Specialist
Doç. Dr. V. Melih KARA

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