Medical Oncology


Medical (Medical) Oncologist is a medical doctor who has specialized in Medical Oncology as a minor in Internal Medicine. Medical Oncology Specialists, patients with pathological diagnosis of cancer diagnosed with other branches (General Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Pathology, Radiology.) Together with the treatment of oral or intravenous drug therapy, chemotherapy is concerned with the side effects, patients after treatment makes the follow-up.


- Patients who wish to benefit from our clinic are required to make an appointment to the Medical Oncology Outpatient Clinic followed by MHRS. New patient applications are made with this system.
- Our patients must bring their old files, if any, with pathology, surgery reports, epicrisis, films and reports.
- Record and interview cannot be done without patient.
-Check the appointment for the appointment check.
After the necessary examinations of the patients evaluated by the relevant unit, their treatment is planned and continued.


In our outpatient service units, there are polyclinics where there are new patients who are presenting and continuing the controls, and the Day Chemotherapy Unit where outpatient chemotherapy applications are performed. 3 physicians in our Medical Oncology Outpatient Clinic, 4 nurses in our chemotherapy unit and 1 biologist preparing chemotherapy. We have 34 chemotherapy seats and 1 bed. In our blood transfusion unit, our patients are applied as needed. The patients who apply to our polyclinic are evaluated by the relevant physician and the appropriate treatment is planned after the oncology file is opened. After the patients and their relatives are informed about the condition of the disease and the treatment, nurses are informed about the application of chemotherapy and outpatient treatment is applied.


Doç.Dr. Hatice ODABAŞ


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