Nephrology in our hospital. The clinic was established in 2008. Treatment of nephrology patients, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatments and renal transplantation treatments have been successful for many years.

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Nephrology Clinic Bedded Service

Our clinic serves with 18 beds along with kidney transplant unit.

Our Clinical Administrative and Education Responsibility:
Associate Professor. Melike Betül Öğütmen

Nephrology Physicians;
Associate Professor. Mustafa Canbakan

Kidney Transplant Responsibility:
Associate Professor. Hakan Özdemir

Nephrology Assistant Branch:
Spc Gözde Koç Türkel

Responsible Nurse:
Ozlem Gölgeli

Özge Brave

Gülsüm Begüm Dağdane

Sevgi Tatar

Atakan Ahmet Oğuz

İclal Küçük

Selin İkier

Hemodialysis Unit

16 hemodialysis machines (1 hepatitis B, 1 hepatitis C) are available 24 hours a day.

Dialysis Responsible Doctors:

Dr. Refia Kizilhan

Dialysis Responsible Nurse:

Merve Steel

Dialysis Nurses:

Kubra Dogutas

Safiye Şener

Medina Bozkurt

Cengizhan Kıraç

Songul Çakar

Semra Yilmaz

Peritoneal Dialysis Unit

Continuous continuous peritoneal dialysis (CAPD), Peritoneal dialysis of the patient Assoc. Dr. Melike Betül ÖĞÜTMEN's

is carried on with Fikriye Uzuner, the peritoneal dialysis nurse.


Nephrology policlinic serves 5 days a week during full-time.

Interventional Operations

Temporary hemodialysis catheter insertion in the guided ultrasonography guidewire, kidney

biopsy is carried out.

Training studies

Wednesday nephrology training seminar,

Thursday's current article meeting is held.

The trainees who come to learn dialysis treatments are given theoretical and practical trainings.

Hemodialysis Photo:

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