The anatomical pathology service is at the forefront of the laboratories that have been operating together with our Healthcare Facility. The Department was founded on 10 March 1936 by Prof. Dr. Ihsan Şükrü Aksel opened it on the lower floor of the first pavilion in the room to the left of the entrance. Since then his chief of pathology instructor since many precious in this part of the history of pathology in Turkey, physicians should grow here, both in terms of the value it produces has a very significant place. Since 1990, 40 specialist doctors and academicians (5 associate professors and 3 professors) have been trained in this department.
 In addition to the facts in our own field, All pathological materials of Siyami Ersek Education and Research Hospital are also examined. In addition, some cases of consultation from environmental hospitals are evaluated. Except for muscle and nerve pathology, all pathology material is accepted and studied.
 In this department, the academic staff is provided by a chef who is an associate professor and 6 specialist doctors. Since about 15 years of experience, all our specialist physicians report cases in their areas of interest. In our department where 35.000 cases are evaluated annually;

    the Üropatoloj
    the nephrology
    Lung Pathology
    Gastro and Liver Pathology
    There is a division of Breast Pathology.

Our department, which serves with a technical staff of 10 people, is applied every day in routine routine histochemistry and immunohistochemical examinations as well as routine pathological examinations. Our routine is our laboratory, our macroscopic room with four macroscopic cabinets and immunohistochemicals. There are three tissue monitoring devices, two automatic dyeing machines, one tissue embedding device, one fully closed system dyeing and film closing device, automated lamination and block writing and four microtomes in the routine laboratory where the tissues are ready for examination. In addition, an emergency diagnosis is given with tissue freezing device used for intraoperative pathology consultation.
 The epidemiology is not only a histopathological examination but also a different tradition for cytological examinations. Since 1990, fine needle aspiration biopsy has been routinely performed by ourselves (polyclinic service is provided in the FNA in the pathology) or as multidisciplinary in the presence of radiologists. A liquid-based system (thin-prep) is used in the preparation of body fluids, and cell blocks are prepared. Again, a liquid-based system (thin-prep) is used in cervicovaginalsMear. In addition; HPV typing work has begun in CerviKovaginalsMear.
 In addition, the Department of Molecular Pathology has been established since 2013 and serves patients both for their own diseases and for consultation from outside. Routine EGFR, BRAF, K RAS; N RAS tests are applied. ALK, ROS 1, EBER, HER 2 tests are also being studied with in situ hybridization technique.

Our Clinical Staff:

Administrative and Training Officer:

Assoc. Dr. Fugen VARDAR AKER

Educational Staff:

Assoc. Dr. Selvinaz ÖZKARA

Specialist Doctors:

 Upset. Dr. Gülistan GÜMRÜKÇÜ
 Upset. Dr. Makbule ÇIKRIKÇIOĞLU
 Upset. Dr. Meryem DOĞAN
 Upset. Dr. Zühal ÖZCAN
 Upset. Dr. Makbule Çisel AYDIN MERİÇÖZ
 Upset. Dr. Aylin GÖNÜLTAŞ