Neurology Clinic is serving with 41 beds, 10 of which are 1st stage Intensive Care Unit. There are 4 private rooms, 1 intervention and treatment room, polyclinics, electrophysiology unit, MS unit and Sleep Unit, which are listed below. In addition, many assistant doctors have graduated from our clinic, which has been teaching assistant for many years, some of whom are teaching members in universities and some of whom are specialists in various hospitals.

Our clinic provides 24 hour uninterrupted service with specialists and assistant doctors. In addition to this, education seminars, case presentations, literature hours, clinicopathological discussions and council meetings are held regularly and assistant education is provided with the active participation of the Educational Staff and Specialist Doctors. In our clinic, which has a high academic level, 6 people have "Clinical Electrophysiology" side branch specialization. In addition, there are 2 professors and 3 associate professors in the education sector, and career enhancement studies are continuing. Residents are trained to acquire the ability to manage a clinical neurology clinic on their own, to develop clinical skills, to develop clinical skills, to develop skills in treatment, to learn to cope with difficult situations, to enter academic studies. For these, our hospital with a large patient population, our advanced electrophysiology laboratory, and our private polyclinics in almost every field, actively work as a pedagogical trainer with a focus on assistant education.

As of the beginning of 2018, 13 neurology experts are working in our clinic. Kadromuz consists of 2 Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 1 Educational Staff, 7 Expert Doctors.

Our units:

1 examination room in the windmill neighborhood policlinic

2 rooms in Validebağ Additional Service Building Polyclinic

3 Haydarpaşa Numune medicine room examination room

31 bed clinic, 4 private rooms

Ten-bed 1.Basic Intensive care unit

1 room for intervention and treatment

Electrophysiology Unit with 3 EEG, 4 EMG instruments

MS unit

Sleep Unit

At the Neurology Clinic, an average of 8400 Polyclinic patients are treated per month.

-In our clinic, about 150 patients per month are examined and treated, and approximately 280 patients are provided with daily hospitalization.

- 1550 EMG / EEG examinations per month are performed in the administration of the minor specialist physicians working alternately in the Electrophysiology Unit.

- At the same time in the electrophysiology laboratory 200 botulinum toxin applications are performed annually.

-MS, used in MS treatment 1.2.3. all of the step-by-step treatments are carried out in a sequence, with the monitoring requirements being met. Neurocognitive Rehabilitation is performed in the presence of the Patient Psychologist.

Polycomnography and all nightly sleeping video EEG recording is performed at Uyuyu Unit and diagnosis and treatment of sleep and related diseases are performed. An average of 1540 patients are examined every month and polysomnographic examinations are performed on an average of 550 patients. Our sleeping unit serves in partnership with other patients from other hospitals.

- Neurological patients who apply for urgent medical treatment at our emergency outpatient clinic are evaluated and appropriate t-PA treatment is performed.

-In our clinic, advanced-stage Parkinson's disease is treated with Apo-gonin and PEG for Duodenal therapy.

Gonadal blockade is given to the appropriate patients of headache polyclinic patients.

In our clinic, immunomodulatory therapy and plasmapheresis are applied to autoimmune diseases from each group.

-All etiological diagnosis of neurological disease, advanced examination and treatment are performed.

- In our clinic, in addition to the General Neurology Policlinic, private branch policlinics are being performed by physicians specializing in 8 different branches mentioned below.

On Monday - Wednesday - Friday, the Health Board is examining an average of 1000 patients per month.

Private branch polyclinics in our clinic:

Monday (every week)

Epilepsy: Prof. Dr. Cemile Handan Egyptian, Uz. Dr. Nese Erdogan

Sleep Policlinic: Uz. Dr.Sevda Yıldız Gökçeer

Tuesday (every week)

Epilepsy: Prof. Dr. Kemal Tutkavul, Uz. Dr. Yılmaz Çetinkaya, Uz. Dr. Buse Bayır

Demyelinating Diseases and MS: Assoc. Dr. Recai Türkoğlu, Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Gencer, Uz. Dr. Duygu Yaşargün

Neuroonology: Assoc. Dr. Hulya Tireli

Wednesday (every week)

Dementia and Behavior Disorders: Uz. Dr. Gülbün Asuman Yüksel

Thursday (every week)

Parkinson and Movement Disorders: Uz. Dr. Gülbün Asuman Yüksel

Epilepsy: Prof. Dr. Kemal Tutkavul, Uz. Dr. Yılmaz Çetinkaya, Uz. Dr. Buse Bayır

Headache: Uz. Dr. Yılmaz Çetinkaya, Uz. Dr. Buse Bayır

Demyelinating Diseases and MS: Assoc. Dr. Recai Türkoğlu, Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Gencer, Uz. Dr. Duygu Yaşargün

Friday (every week)

Neuromuscular Diseases: Assoc. Dr. Hulya Tireli

Stroke: Assoc. Dr. Hulya Tireli

Sleep Policlinic: Uz. Dr.Sevda Yıldız Gökçeer


Education Responsible

Prof.Dr.Cemile Handan Egyptian

Administrative Responsible

Assoc.Dr.Hülya Tireli

Our Training Staff

Prof. dr. Kemal Tutkavul

Assoc. Dr. Recai Türkoğlu

Prof.Dr.Mehmet Gencer

Upset. Dr. Sevda Yıldız Gökçeer

Our Specialist Doctors

Upset. Dr. Nese Erdogan

Upset. Dr. Gülbün Asuman Yüksel

Upset. Dr. Yılmaz Çetinkaya

 Upset. Dr. Buse Rahime Hasırcı Bayır

Upset. Dr. Duygu Yaşar Özkan

Upset. Dr.Tuğba Yanar Çelik

Upset. Dr. Dilek Kayacan (Windmill neighborhood pol)

Our Clinical Electrophysiology Minor Experts

Professor Dr. Cemile Handan Egyptian

Assoc. Dr. Hulya Tireli

Professor Dr. Kemal Tutkavul

Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Gencer

Upset. Dr. Gülbün Asuman Yüksel

Upset. Dr. Yılmaz Çetinkaya

Our Experts Working in the Electrophysiology Laboratory

Professor Dr. Cemile Handan Egyptian (side branch specialist) ...... .EEG

Assoc. Dr. Hülya Tireli (specialist in branch) ...... EMG

Professor Dr. Kemal Tutkavul (specialist in side branch) ...... EEG - EMG

Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Gencer (sub-branch specialist) ... ..EMG

Upset. Dr. Gülbün Asuman Yüksel (side branch specialist) ... .EMG

Upset. Dr. Yılmaz Çetinkaya (specialist in side branch) ...... .EEG - EMG

Upset. Dr. Sevda Gökçeer (Ph.D.) .................. .. EEG - Sleep lab

Upset. Dr. Neşe Erdoğan (Specialist) .................. ..EEG