Patient Rights

1) General benefit from the service
 Access to health services within the framework of justice and equity principles. It has the right to receive services regardless of race, language, religion and sect, gender, philosophical beliefs, economic and social conditions.

2) Informing and requesting information

 To learn what all kinds of health services and possibilities are and to make any kind of information about health status verbally or in writing

3) Selection and replacement of the health institution and its staff

It has the right to choose and change the health institution to choose, change and benefit from the health services provided at the health facility of their choice and to learn the identities, duties and titles of the receiving health care providers and other health workers.

4) Privacy

 They have the right to receive all kinds of health care in a confidential environment.

5) Treatment refusal, stop and consent

 It has the right to refuse treatment, not to be stopped, to receive treatment in medical interventions, and to benefit from service in the context of consent.

6) Security

To get health care in a safe environment,

7) Ability to fulfill religious obligations

To the extent of the facilities of the health facility and within the scope of the measures taken to administer it, it has the right to fulfill its religious obligations

8) Respect for human values, respectability and comfort

 With respect, care and care, there is a right to receive a health care service with all kinds of noisy and disturbing factors provided with hygienic conditions in a gentle, gentle and compassionate environment.

9) Visiting and escorting

   It has the right to accept visitors on the basis of the procedures and principles set out in the health facilities and to have companions in accordance with the legislation and facilities of the health facility and if the physician deems appropriate.

10) Right to appeal, complaints and lawsuits

In case of violation of their rights, they have the right to use all kinds of applications, complaints and lawsuits within the framework of the legislation.