Ways to Avoid Cancer

You can be protected from many diseases, such as cancer, feeding properly and regularly. Here are ways to reduce the risk of getting sick:

Healthy eating and physical activity can reduce the risk of cancer. Green and light black tea containing antioxidants is protective against cancer; the positives include the harmful substances ...

Diet, as perceived, is not just weight gain or weight loss. It is a healthy diet that is revealed by evaluating a person by his or her body according to their health condition. Wrong feeding affects all your internal organs as well as your external appearance. It just sounds like we are missing something to write to the nutritional recommendation. For this reason, we have been doing a comprehensive study for five days under the heading "Nutritional Recommendations for Diseases"; diagnosis and treatment methods from expert doctors, dietary advice dietitians dietitians and lifestyle change phase and the psychological dimension of diseases with our psychotherapist and life coach. It; latest information and a comprehensive study with doctors, dietitians, psychologists, recipes. Until today, in the style that has not been done, Calendar Newspaper and Diet Formulas are prepared with the difference. Deniz Berdan / Diiyet Formula founder and General Coordinator

There are many different reasons for the formation of cancer. Researches made in recent years; on average, between 0 and 35 percent, and between 10 percent and 70 percent for most cancers. Therefore, even if we can not change the effective genetic factors in cancer formation, knowing the importance of nutrition and organizing all other environmental factors to improve our health, we reduce the risk of cancer.

According to research conducted by Hacettepe University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, the American Dietetic Association and the American Cancer Society:

* Protect your ideal weight every time of your life.

* Make balanced diet and regular exercise a lifestyle.

* Always avoid excessive weight gain or giving.

* If your Body Mass Index is calculated as weight / height squared, you should definitely lose 25 (overweight) or over 30 (obesity). Types of cancer that can be caused by being overweight or obese:

* Breast

* Bowel

* Endometrium (Uterus)

* Esophagus

* Kidney

* Cervix

* Hodgkin Lenfoma

* Ovaries

Multiple Miyalom

* Pancreas

* Thyroid

* Aggressively prostate cancer

Dietitian Yasemin Batmaca's nutritional advice against cancer and other deadly diseases is as follows:

* Consume vegetables and fruits produced at least five servings a day.

* Do not consume processed, smoked foods, fried foods, pickled vegetables, pickled foods and heavy fat red meats.

* Minimize your food portions. Reduce your food.

* Eat less in high-calorie foods.

* Instead of fried potatoes, hamburgers, ice creams, sweets, sweetened beverages, vegetables-fruits, low-energy foods and drinks.

* If you eat outside, choose foods that are unflavoured, low calories, fat and sugar.

* Eat skimmed or semi-skimmed milk and products. Light kefir suggests that you use an everyday tea cup (150 ml.) Both in cell renewal, in reducing the risk of cancer, and in balancing your cholesterol values.

* Fruit and vegetables at the main and intermediate meals consumed.

* Eat vegetables and fruits every day in different varieties and scarves. Do not forget that every color of vegetables and fruit is different important antioxidants. Fruit vegetables, especially A vitamini, lycopene, betacarotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium, flavonoids, allium compounds, phenolic compounds are received. These are all antioxidant substances.

* Do not neglect to add vegetables such as garlic, onion, mint, and parsley when preparing food.

* Green tea or light black contains antioxidant ingredients, so it is protective against cancer.

* Prefer unprocessed grains and sugar.

* Choose brown rice, wholemeal pasta, whole-grain breads and whole-grain cereals. Increasing the consumption of vegetable-fruits, whole-grain foods and kurubaklagiller to ensure adequate fiber intake reduces the risk of cancer. Because the pulp is dissipated in the body or is dissipated and the harmful substances are thrown together with the body.

* Do not choose pastries, cereals and other sugary foods containing refined carbohydrates (white flour, white sugar).

* Try to consume meat such as fish, chicken, turkey or kurubaklagilleri (kurubaklagileri, chickpeas, green lentil or barbunyayı), steak or lamb.

* Red meat two meals a week, absolutely lean portions in small portions (90 grams) to consume.

* Instead of making fries or roasts, which can create carcinogenic substances, cook the meats in the oven, on the grill or by boiling.

* Avoid consuming vegetables and fruits that are not produced in season.

* Be aware of the storage conditions of foods (nuts, spices, etc.), do not allow the formation of molds (aflatoxin) that can cause cancer.

When exercised regularly; colon, breast, endometriosis and prostate cancer. If regular exercise can be made into a lifestyle, the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and bone loss is reduced, apart from cancer.

* Do not use cigarettes and the like in any way.

* If you are using alcohol, limit your consumption. Women should not drink more than two glasses per day, men every day.

* Alcohol and cigarette use; mouth, throat, larynx, esophagus, liver, breast, colon and rectum.

* Protect your skin from sunlight during summer and winter months.

Although they are often consumed in large quantities, vegetable-fruits lose their nutritional value because of baking mistakes. Dietician M. İpek Konuralp lists the correct cooking techniques as follows:

* Consume raw and crusty as much as possible.

* Take care to cut into large pieces.

* Cooked with water as much as possible, the cooking water must never fall.

* Green leafy vegetables, cook with little water.

* Do not open the lid while cooking.

* Do not add soda.

* Do not use germinated potatoes.