Medical Social Services Unit

Medical Social Work

In order to effectively utilize outpatient or inpatient treatment for medical treatment, to preserve and improve social health, to regulate the relations of the patient's family and environment in the treatment process, to improve the social functioning by resolving psycho-social and socio-economic problems affecting the treatment process in a timely manner. service application.

Social worker

It is the health personnel graduated from the four-year social work departments of the universities that identify the problems of the patients referred to the hospital and plan and implement social service interventions related to their problems.

Hospital Social Service Unit

It is the unit where medical social work practices are conducted.

Social Services Unit Applicant Group

· Lonely, Abandoned, and Needy Patients

· Disabled Patients

· Poor Patients

· Unidentified Patients

· Patients without Social Security

· Patients suffering from relocation to their residence

· Patients who can not adjust to treatment

· Patients who can not reach the family

· Domestic Violence Victimized Patients

· Neglected and Abused Child Patients

· Refugee and Asylum Seekers

· Patients with mental health impaired

· Chronic Patients

· Patients who need care at home

· Alcohol and Substance Dependent Patients

Medical Social Work Interventions

· Protection of underdeveloped, abandoned and inexperienced patients and placement in an institution.

· Helping to Explain the Rights of Disabled Persons and Effective Use of Treatment.

· Linking to and providing assistance to related institutions for patients with economic deprivation and no social security.

· Identification of Influenza.

· Organization for Patient Transfer.

· Psycho-social work in support of the patients during the adjustment process.

· Establishment of links with related institutions for Violent, Neglect and Abuse Victimized Patients and Making Required Legal Notifications.

· Informing and directing information about non-institutional services related to illness social indications.

· Encouragement of the work of persons and institutions that will do voluntary social work in the hospital and organizing various social activities within the institution.


Love Story

It is the newborn bags which are given to the basic necessities of the baby and the mother in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent with the aim of supporting the infertile families in the hospital during the birth period.

In the "Love Bohasi" there are the following items for mother and newborn baby:


Hospital Departure (Tulum and Zebin Team)

1 Team


1 Team

Baby Cloth

2 Team

Wet Wipes

2 Team

Diaper rash cream

1 Team


1 Team


1 Team

Waistcoat or Jacket

1 Team


1 Team



1 Team

Sanitary pad

1 Team

*You may contact the Turkish Red Crescent to donate the "Love Bohasi" after birth to the families who have financial difficulties.

April 23 Activity
sevgi bohçaları web.jpg

The gifts were donated to our hospital employees and new toy donations were collected and donated to various age groups and donated to the servicemen.

Clothing for Lonely and Need-to-Know Patients

23 nisan web.jpg

By identifying patients with orphans who are treated in our hospital and need patients;hospital employees volunteer support, and non-governmental organizations through the clothing provided, the patient is in need.

* You can contact our Medical Social Service Unit if you want to bring these kinds of materials (especially pajamas, slippers and hygiene materials) in our hospital and needy patients.