During the period of 1903-1908, when the Medical Facility was operating as a military medicine faculty (Mekteb-i Tıbbye-i Şahane), the founder of the Clinic of Dermatology and the first clinical chief of the clinic. Dr. Celaleddin is the muhtar. Our hospital was reopened in 1936 under the name of Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital. Dr. Nuri Osman Eren was appointed. After this date, Uz.Dr. Preparation Beijing, Prof. Dr. Hasan Reşat Sığındım, Uz.Dr. Mustafa Akansel, Prof.Dr. Burhan Remzi Urus, Uz.Dr Cihat Çam, Uz.Dr. Oktay Türközü, Uz.Dr. Osman Güney, Assoc. Ayşe Tülin Mansur, Assoc. Tuğba Rezzan Ekmekçi and Prof.Dr. They worked under the supervision of Sema Aytekin Dermatology Clinic. Our clinic, serving the historical center, has been moved to the Validebağ Ek service building in March 2017 and its clinical and outpatient services are still provided here. Policlinic services are also continuing in Yeldeğirmeni Neighborhood Police.

Our Unit:

4 outpatient clinics

2 surgical treatment rooms

1 hand-foot phototherapy unit

1 cabin phototherapy unit

1 dressing-intervention room

12 bed service

1 computerized I mapping unit

In the skin and venereal disease clinics, a monthly average of 5000 outpatient clinics, 750 surgical procedures, 600 phototherapy services are provided.

Services provided at our clinic:
• Wood light examination
• Digital Dermatoscopy (Molemax II)
• Phototherapy: systemic PUVA / narrowband UVB, topical UVA / narrowband UVB applications [psoriasis, eczematous diseases, vitiligo (ala disease), cutaneous T cell lymphoma etc.]
• Electrosurgery
• Curettage and rhinophyma therapy with radiofrequency electrosurgery

• Cryotherapy (ice-freeze treatment)
• Injections into the lesion include alopecia (hairy, beard-breaking diseases), keloid (scar tissue)
• Podophylline exploration for genital and other regional warts
• Skin biopsy (punch biopsy)
• Incisional / excisional biopsy applications
• Medical and surgical treatments of nail diseases
• Curettage of skin lesions
 • Chemical peeling (active acne, acne scars, pregnancy or sunspots, old age spots etc.)
• Patch test
• Tzank smear
• Direct mushroom inspection with native examination

• Demodex density detection by superficial skin biopsy technique

• Allergy sensitization in the eye

• botulinum toxin application for sweating

• Botulinum toxin application for cosmetic purposes

• Filling application for cosmetic purposes

Note: The above procedures are carried out by appointment of the patient whom the physician deems appropriate.

Skin and Venereal Diseases Policlinic:
 General dermatological examination of the patients who are admitted to our clinic with complaints of skin diseases, examination and treatment are organized.
 Every weekday between 08.00-17.00 hours, about 150-250 patients are served daily in the outpatient department of Skin and Venereal Diseases.
 The Skin and Venereal Diseases Polyclinic works with the appointment system.

Patients who are referred for dermatologic surgery by the outpatient clinic should make an appointment with the secretary of this department.

Private Branch Outpatient Clinics:

Every Tuesday, Sedef Patients are given an appointment at the patient clinic which is followed by patients who need follow-up every other Wednesday (chronic diseases such as Behçet's Disease, Autoimmune Bullous Diseases etc.). Dr. It is followed and treated by Sema AYTEKIN in the presence of an assistant.

Administrative Responsible
 Professor Dr. Sema AYTEKİN

Education Responsible:

Assoc. Dr. Fatih GÖKTAY

Education person:

Assoc. Dr. Şirin YAŞAR

Our Specialist Doctors

Upset. Dr. Güldehan ATIŞ

Upset. Dr. Sevil ÇATAL

Upset. Dr. Ayşegül Sevim KEÇİCİLER

Our Assistant Doctors

Assists. Dr. Nil Su ÇELİK

Assists. Dr. Zehra Tacizer KILINÇ

Assists. Dr. Betül MACİT

Assists. Dr. Emine DAŞBAŞI

Assists. Dr. Gaye GÜLDİKEN