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In recent years, more and more people to achieve the purpose of weight in line with the growing needs in the health care system to be given to primary health care in family medicine all over the world and health services in Turkey and family medicine has caused an increase in the importance given to the application.

The fact that each individual is a family physician in family medicine is a patient physician based on sustainable trust, which increases patient satisfaction and provides very important contributions to society's health.

Having a wide-ranging and whole-hearted vision, the family doctor cares about the mental state. He also evaluates the problems and helps in reaching the appropriate solutions.

Our hospital within the two pieces Aila Medicine Outpatient Clinics is baslamıstır.h to serve two and Outpatient FAMILY MEDICINE Principles accordance with the two experts d by the service sunmaktayız.polıklınık our particular undifferentiated group of patients we call herturlu complaints in admitted to our hospital, but hang on to a specialist to'm gonna run away e s non-patients to treatment is curative as well as the issue services, in access hunger, style of life, and so on.

At the same time, our cryopreservation also gives to obesity patients. Our patients who want to apply to side branches such as endocrinology, gastroentrology have begun to be consumed by our medical records in the course of the assessment and transportation.

Our main goal is to provide better quality and comprehensive health care services by providing patient relationship with health conscious and healthy conscious and continuing trust based physician.

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Central Medical Building 2 rooms / day (planned to be someone's obesity polk)

Validebağı district policlinic 2 rooms / every day

Windmill neighborhood policlinic 3 rooms / every day

Minor Polyclinics (-):

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Clinical Administrative Officer:

Assist Lecturer. Member Hilal Özkaya

Clinical Education Responsible:

Assist Lecturer. Member Memet Taşkın Eğici

Educational Staff:

Assoc. Dr. Zeynep Tuzcular Vural

Specialist Doctors:

1.Uzm. Dr. Işık Gönenç

2.Uzm. Dr. Özge Doğan

Doctors of Clinical Assistants (Rotations in Other Clinics and Total of Field Assistants)
 1.Asis. Dr. Misty Mistake Koban
 2.Asis. Dr. Alida Ataç Güler
 3.Asis. Dr. Aydin Biçer
 4.Asis. Dr. Damla Kotiloğlu Bötke
 5.Asis. Dr. Merve Nur Demirkaynak
 6.Asis. Dr. Kerem Turgut
 7.Asis. Dr. Şule Nur Ayata
 8.Asis. Dr. Deniz Azkan Type
 9.Asis. Dr. Zeynep Wind
 10.Asis. Dr. Betül Coskun
 11.Asis. Dr. Pınar Fidan Dinçer
 12.Asis. Dr. Cuban Reel Fine
 13.Asis. Dr. Ayşegül Karahan Gülşen
 14.Asis. Dr. Sena Yildirim
 15.Asis. Dr. Enise Enaki Baki
 16.Asis. Dr. Merve Yuvalı
17.Asis. Dr. Zeynep Polat
 18.Asis. Dr. Gizem Akca
 19.Asis. Dr. Öznur Bayraktar
 20.Asis. Dr. Merve Eren
 21.Asis. Dr. Serhat Güneş
22.Asis. Dr. Meltem Gül
 23.Asis. Dr. Nurefşan Yaman
 24.Asis. Dr. Elifnur Ulucanlı
25.Asis. Dr. Fazilet Merve Karanınoğlu
 26.Asis. Dr. Müge Özgül
 27.Asis. Dr. Helin Light
 28.Asis. Dr. Mahmut Sami Stars
 29.Asis. Dr. Turkan Cengiz
 30.Asis. Dr. Didem Baş
31.Asis. Dr. Esra Kopan
 32.Asis. Dr. Ogün Taydaş
33.Asis. Dr. Tuğbanur Tosun
 34.Asis. Dr. Yeşim Kocatas
35.Asis. Dr. Hilal Eryiğit
 36.Asis. Dr. Elifnur Yazıcı
37.Asis. Dr. Ulya Bilgu
 38.Asis. Dr. Vahit Hakan Erbaş
39.Asis. Dr. Esranur Nalbant
 40.Asis. Dr. Aslı Demirelli

SAHU ASSISTANTS (Assistants who have been in ASM and rotated in clinics)
  1.Sahu Dr. Hulya Bozan
  2.Sahu Dr. Lütfullah Ayanoğlu
  3.Sahu Dr. Vahit Güneç
  4.Sahu Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan
  5.Sahu Dr. Burcu Uslu
  6.Sahu Dr. Edip Şükrü Gönen
  7.Sahu Dr. Neslihannur Deniz
  8.Sahu Dr. Mustafa Sayar
  9.Sahu Dr. Alpaslan Kılıç
  10.Sahu Dr. Elif Erdem
  Dr. Sahu Hasan Groove
  Dr.Sahu Adilenur Sahin
  Dr. Sahu Dr. Gabriel Baker
  Dr. Sahu Dr. Erdinç Ulu
  Dr.Sahu Dr. Şenay Yiğit
  16. Dr. Sahu Didem Kuruçay
  17.Sahu Dr. Çetin Akın

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