Doctor Services

Our hospital is a historical institution founded by the 2nd Sultan Abdulhamit Han from the Ottoman Sultans in the 1800s.

It was opened in 1903 as Mekteb-i Tibbiye-i Şahane, first chief physician Op. Dr. Cemil TOPUZLU Paşa

At the first opening, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Op.Dr. Besim Ömer Pasha, K.B.B. Kiss. Dr. Ziya Nuri Pasha, Inside Specialist. Dr. Akil Muhtar Bey, Uzm. Dr. Neset Omer Bey, Exp. Dr. Süreyya Ali Bey, Anatomy teacher Uzm. Dr. Nurettin Ali Bey started training with his cadre.

Our hospital, built as a Mekteb-i Medicine-i Şahane, is based on the Sultan Selim Foundation. the architect is French D'Aranco. In 1904-1905 the water and gas installation of the building was completed and then Cemil Pasha built a heating installation with 30 thousand gold. The building served as Military Medicine until 1908, 1908, and Istanbul Medical Faculty until 1908. Later, the Faculty of Medicine was transferred to the Ministry of Education and the hospital was transferred to the Ministry of Health. In 1936 Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital started to operate as 225 beds.

Opening of the operating theater on 01/07/1936 and then other departments where x-ray, vital chemistry, eye, kB, bacteriology, anatomy, pathology and dental laboratories were also opened.

The staff of the physician in 1936;

The chief and intestinal diseases specialist and laboratory chief Dr. Kazim LAKAY

Dr. Teyfik SAĞLAM

Specialist in illnesses Op. Dr. Feridun Şeket EVRENSEL

K.B.B. Kiss. Dr. Haydar İbrahim AYDAR

Dr. Hayati Kimya laboratory chief. İbrahim Ethem ULAGAY

Specialist in skin and venereal diseases Nuri Osman EREN

X-ray Specialist Dr. Selahattin Mehmet ERK

Specialist in eye diseases. Zihni ARIKUT

Dr. Marazi is a psychiatrist. ihsan şükrü AKSEL

Gynecologist and obstetrician Zeki TEKTAŞ

Child specialist, Dr. Sir Halil AKIRSOY

He's a specialist in urinary tract diseases. Fuat Hamit BAYER

Teeth doctor Hayrettin TAYLAN

In our hospital, nurse and laboratory school were opened in 01/04/1946, Esma SEA was appointed as headmistress. In 1949 he started to raise nurses and laborants by giving his first graduates.

Our hospital has made many firsts in health service delivery. Turkey's first reanimation clinic in 1959, Dr. Cemalettin ÖNER was established in our hospital and in 1964 it is the largest intensive care unit with 30 beds. Turkey has also made the first gastric resection in our hospital. The first diploma specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery emerged from this hospital. In 1968, the first silicone breast prosthesis was performed in our hospital. In 1991, the first renal transplantation was made in the cadaver with kidney transplantation. Liver transplantation is among the first to be made in the education and research hospitals in Istanbul and the Emergency Medical Clinic of the Ministry of Health is in our hospital.

Currently, our hospital is an institution with 727 beds and provides training in Surgical, Internal and Laboratory branches.

Our General Surgery Clinic is our most intensive clinic with successful laparoscopic operations.

All operations of the department of Orthopedic Clinic are performed and our hospital is in the forefront with scoliosis operations. Our eye clinics perform about 70 operations per day with eye bank and side branches.

Due to the fact that our hospital is a Training and Research Hospital, all branches provide training for residents in our clinics, and relevant branch specialists are working in units and policlinics.

1.General Surgery Clinic
2.K.B.B (otorhinolaryngology) Clinic
3rd Department of Surgery
4. Ophthalmology Clinic
5.Orthopedic Clinic
6th Clinic
7.Plastic Surgery Clinic
8. Women's Diseases and Birth
9. Emergency Service (adult and child emergency)
10. Anesthesia and Reanimation


1. Family medicine policlinic

2. Ophthalmology clinic

3. Child health and illness clinic

4. Child psychiatry outpatient clinic

5. Infectious Diseases Clinic

6. Physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic

7. Gastroenterology clinic

8. Chest diseases policlinic

9. Internal medicine clinic

10. Nephrology clinic

11. Neurology clinic (side branch polyclinic MS, headache, stroke, epilepsy, present)

12. Psychiatry clinic

13. Medical oncology policlinic

14. Radiation oncology policlinic

15. Endocrine and metabolic diseases clinic

16. Medical genetic policlinic (counseling service for genetic diseases)

1. Medical Biochemistry Clinic and Laboratory
2. Medical microbiology clinic and laboratory
3. Medical pathology clinic and laboratory
4.Radiodiagnostic clinic and imaging center
5. Nuclear medicine unit
6.Doku typing and genetic diseases diagnosis center is also mecut;
7. Our endoscopy and ERCP units are operated by general surgery and gastroenterology units.