Ministry Of Health Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate Istanbul Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital

Our Mission / Vision

Our mission
To meet the needs of individuals at the highest level;
To provide quality, effective and reliable health services in the direction of scientific and technological developments in the world,
To educate physicians and health professionals who devote themselves to their profession, have a high quality, use the highest technology,

Our vision

Being the first choice in health care service in our country, to be a pioneering contemporary hospital in the field of education and research that provides high quality care and studies for international examination and treatment.

Our Quality Policies

To create a service understanding focused on patient and employee satisfaction.
We constantly improve and improve ourselves.
To be a pioneering institution in scientific researches, trainings and new applications.
To respect patient rights and protect their rights.
To adopt and spread this understanding of quality management.
To embrace the understanding of the team and to live the awareness of the institution.
Ensure that patients are able to exercise conscious choice rights.
To provide better and quality health care by gathering knowledge experience and facilities.

Our Core Values
Respect for the rights of the patient and his /
Respect the rights of employees,
Collecting, respecting the environment and the law,
Compliance with medical deontology and ethics,
Being accessible,
Permanent trust.