Ministry Of Health Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate Istanbul Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital

Director Of Administrative and Financial Affair


He was born in Uşak / Eşme in 1978. He completed his high school education in 1992-1996 Uşak / Eşme Health Vocational High School, Health Officer. He completed his undergraduate education in 1996-1998 Trakya University - School of Health, Health Technician.

Professional life 01.2000 - 07.2004 Istanbul Ata Sağlık Hizmetleri Limited Şti. He started as Health Officer and served as Health Officer in Bartın (Arıt Sağlı Ocağı) from 07.2004 - 11.2005. He then served as a health officer at Üsküdar State Hospital between 11.2005 - 10.2009.

He completed his undergraduate studies in 2001-2006 Anadolu University - Faculty of Economics, Department of Public Administration. Together with 10.2009 - 11.2012 Üsküdar served as Deputy Director of State Hospital.

In 2009-2010 Fatih University Graduate School of Social Sciences, Department of Business Administration finished the university (master) education. He worked as Manager of Administrative and Financial Affairs of Yakacık Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital and Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs of Pendik Training and Research Hospital of Marmara University, 01.2014 - 01.2015.

Then, 01.2015-03.2016 Istanbul Anatolian Northern Public Hospitals Union General Secretary of the task was found as an expert.

Currently; Since March 2016, he has been serving as the Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs of Haydarpasa Numune Education and Research Hospital.

İbrahim Kocataş; She is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Business Administration, Istanbul Institute of Social Sciences. Also; The Certificate of Appreciation given to the Governorship of Istanbul, the Certificate of Appreciation given to the Provincial Health Directorate of Istanbul and many courses and training participation certificates. Kocataş, a foreign language in English, is married and has one child.